Our Friend Christopher

A division of Our Friend Jean Memorial Charities, a registered non-profit 501c3 corporation.

Keeping the memory of our friend alive through charitable activities in our community.

Dear Friends

Our Friend Jean Memorial Charities is honored to announce the creation of a new annual campaign honoring Jean’s nephew Christopher Miles called Our Friend Christopher.

Our Friend Christopher will award annual monetary scholarships to senior football and/or basketball players from North Gwinnett High School in addition to other charitable activities in his name.

We have created a campaign committee comprised of Christopher’s friends who will lead the fund raising efforts and work to identity potential scholarship recipients based on their representations of Christopher’s spirit on and off the field.

We know some community fund raising efforts are already underway and those funds will be used to launch this campaign.

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to long future of honoring Christopher’s memory in our community.

Sincerely…the Miles Family

Contact Us

5942 Wild River View
Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Our Campaigns

Charitable Campaigns

The first fundraising efforts in Christopher’s name is a viral community effort to place gray mailbox bows in various neighborhoods to spread awareness of brain cancer in exchange for a small donation.

This effort was so successful it provided the funds to launch this charity.

North Gwinnett Senior Scholarships

Our Friend Christopher will award monetary scholarships for senior basketball and/or football players at North Gwinnett High School to help them as they venture off to college. Recipients will be chosen based on their embodiment of the spirit of our friend Christopher Miles.

Award Recipients

This section will contain information about scholarship award recipients…stay tuned.